Huawei PowerCube 500 is a highly integrated power system which is widely used in Safe City & Smart City to support video surveillance. It is suitable for unstable grid areas, frequent outage areas and off-grid areas. With the modular design integration platform, the system supports high-performance lithium battery and intelligent network management. With leading power management, SolarMax and GridMax technologies, it maximizes the use of solar energy and the grid to provide a safe and reliable power supply for surveillance equipment. 光电方案1

Ensure safe and reliable power for video surveillance equipment with Huawei PowerCube 500

  • Simple: MIMO technology, supports solar and grid input, supports 4 voltage mode output, easy deployment
  • Reliable: Huawei high-performance lithium batteries, IP55 protection rating, -30ºC to 50ºC wide temperature adaptability, multi-level anti-theft design, high power reliability
  • Intelligent: Supports remote network management and on-site mobile App, intelligent management helps to reduce site maintenance costs



Grid hybrid

Grid + solar hybrid

Pure solar

Installation Mode

Pole mounted/on ground

Pole mounted

Pole mounted/on ground

Cabinet Cooling Mode

Equipment cabin: heat exchange; Battery cabin: direct cooling

Protection Level

Equipment cabin: IP55; Battery cabin: IP34

AC Input Mode

220V single-phase, 110V dual-live wire

220V single-phase, 110V dual-live wire

AC Input Voltage

85V to 300V, rated: 220V

85V to 300V, rated: 220V

DC Input Voltage

24V to 130V

24V to 130V

Output Voltage

12V DC, 24V AC, 48V DC (220V AC, PoE optional)

Signal Input

3 DI + 4 AI + 5 dry contact

OSS Networking


Operating Temperature Range

 -30ºC to 50ºC (including solar radiation)

Wind-resistance Level 

≤ 40m/s

PowerCube 500 Video Surveillance Power Solution Datasheet

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